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Migrating into a new Bullet Journal

Today I want to show you guys how I migrated into a new Bullet Journal in mid of the year 2019. It’s half through the year now and I’m at the last pages of my current bullet journal, so it was time to get a new one, a Bullet Journal Vol. 2.

You can watch my whole migration process in my „Bullet Journal 2019 Vol.2 Migration“ Video on my YouTube Channel. Leave a reply, give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe my channel 🙂

My Bullet Journal Notebooks

My old Bullet Journal was a simple dotted A5 Notebook, a little bit smaller than A5 actually and had a pocket at the end of it and two ribbons.

My new Bullet Journal is a Lemome Softcover Notebook with dotted pages. Unfortunately it has no pocket and the end of the notebook and it comes with only one ribbon instead of two. But yeah, I think it’s pretty cute with this little tree on the cover and yeah I’ll see how things are going with it.

EDIT: A few days after I filmed my migrating video, I opened my notebook and saw, that a few pages already ripped out of the bindung of the notebook. I barely used the journal at this point, so this is really annoying.

But now, let’s dive into the Bullet Journal Migration 🙂

Before I’m migrating…

I made a List of Spreads in my old Bullet Journal, which Spreads I like to keep and want to transfer in my new Journal, which ones to add or spreads I don’t need anymore so I don’t need to transfer them.

And I made a small layout of my spreads, in which order the spreads should be arranged in my new Bullet Journal.

Ok, so let’s see how I set up the spreads in my new Bullet Journal.

Setup the spreads

My first spread of my Bullet Journal 2019 Vol.2 is a cover page spread, with the year and my Bullet Journal Volume Number on it. It’s my second Bullet Journal in 2019, so it’s my 2019 Vol.2 Bullet Journal.

The next spread is a list of things I want to check out, like books I want to read, movies I want to watch, songs I want to listen to and so on. In my last bullet journal I used a seperated list for books I want to read, but I thought it might be a good idea to keep a list for things I want to check out since I don’t fill the whole page with books I want to read.

If you follow my blog you probably know that I’m really into lists in my bullet journal. I have a list for pretty much everything 🙂  As well as my next spread, it’s a wishlist for things I want to buy soon or later 🙂

This spread is a tracker or statistics page. I kept my followers statistics for each month in my last bullet journal and I think it really motivates me if I can see how my work inspires other bullet journalers out there. I know it’s not all about counting likes and followers, but, I don’t know, it kind of help me to focus on my work.

The next few pages are my Ideas collection for Instagram, Youtube and my Blog. I used to store all my Ideas in Trello, but I couldn’t stick with it, I forgot to plan my posts etc. So hopefully this will work better than the digital planning 🙂 I sort my ideas in different categories and mark them as completed once there uploaded and posted.

This page is my first attempt of creating a backlog in my bullet journal. This is a section for all tasks without specific due date or something. Sometimes I have tasks to do with no specific due date, so I thought it is a good idea to keep them in a separate list. I’ll see how this will turn out in the next weeks and months.

Ok guys, that’s it. This was my Bullet Journal 2019 Vol.2 Migration. I like to hear your migration process, what do you keep? How do you migrating into a new Bullet Journal? Keep a comment below 🙂

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