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My Bullet Journal June Setup 2019

May is almost over and I started to plan for june. I didn’t have the time to setup the spreads with fancy, new designs, so i’ll go with a simple layout this month.

Read here about my Bullet Journal June Setup and the spreads I’m using. Have fun!

Cover Page

First of all: The Cover Page is not necessary to use the bullet journal system. I really like to create cover pages for each month in my journal, so my notes and plannings are separated in months and it gives a fresh start to the upcoming month. With a cover page I can create something creative in my bullet journal and it helps me to calm down and to focus. But I like to go with a simple design because i don’t have enough spare time to create something fancy, but that’s totally fine! The cover page is just an extra and really not essential for the bullet journal system.

Monthly Calendar

I’ve created my monthly calendars at the beginning of this year in the front of my bullet journal. I used this calendar for my blog and social media planning, so it was nice that there all together, so I could plan in advance for the next month already. But now I’m planning my stuff in Trello and using the monthly calendar in my bujo as a quick review of what blog and social media posts I uploaded this month, so no need to put them all together. As long as I’m using this journal, I’m using the calendar in the front. When I’m moving to my next journal, the monthly page is going to it’s own section, maybe the page after the monthly cover page.

Monthly ToDo’s and Notes

I’m using an monthly to do list for tasks without a dedicated due date. Same as monthly notes. All this stuff is going to my monthly todo’s and notes page. I like to setup my monthly goals in there too, but you can create a seperate page for your goals if you like.

Monthly Handwriting Practicing Page

This is the first month I’m using a dedicated handwriting practicing page in my bullet journal. I really want to bring my calligraphy and handwriting to the next level, so this is a great way to achieve that. I really hope I can stick with it, so maybe I can see my progress to a better calligraphy handwriting.

Which spreads do you use in your bullet journal setup? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

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