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My 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

The time has come, the year is drawing to a close, and the free pages in my Bullet Journal are getting less. After much thought as to whether I should fill my current Bullet Journal to the very last page, I have decided to launch a new Bullet Journal for 2019. In my view, it is simply impractical to switch to a new journal after the second week of January. Now I have time for the „move“ and will use it to change a few things. But look for yourself: Here is my Bullet Journal Setup for 2019.

Every time I start a new Bullet Journal, I think about what I like, what I don’t like or what I want to change. I will do the reflection for the new 2019 Bullet Journal too. In 2019 I will try a lot of new things.

Year at a Glance

In my Bullet Journal 2019, the first page is a year-at-a-glance overview of the new year. This page is new and should help me to keep track.

Monthly Planner

This is followed by the monthly planners, who are now all gathered in the front of my journal. Since I’m planning my blog and social media posts in the monthly overviews, I can better plan my posts in advance.

For the planning of my posts, I currently use a post-it system that allows me to be very flexible in my planning. I have this small sticky notes cut to the appropriate size of my boxes of the monthly overview, which I can then move arbitrarily. If I have published a post, I write this with a normal fineliner (read here which pens I use) in the overview and then mark the entry in the respective „social media color“.

Social Media Tracker

I’ve been looking for a usable social media tracker for a while, where I can capture all my shared posts. In search of inspiration, I came across the blog post by Kara (Boho Berry), she reports in her post about how to use a Bullet Journal for work and blogging. I’ve just taken this tracker into my Bullet Journal and I’m really curious how it will turn out.

I ❤ Lists

My bullet journal is teeming with lists. I keep a list of books that I would like to read (sometime :-D), hold gift ideas for my loved ones and write things in my Wishlist, that I would like to buy myself. Of course a movie-watchlist should not be missing 🙂 I keep my Instagram and blog post ideas in a separate list.

I’m fine with this and will include these lists in my Bullet Journal 2019.

Tracker? Not in my BuJo …

I definitely will not continue the work with trackers in my new journal. I set up a Habit Tracker for November 2018 to try out this system for me. I thought it would motivate me to do more sports – it was not like this 😀 In the beginning I still thought, ‚if you do that, you can check off a box again‘, but at some point I just don’t care about that. This oh, I still have to fill in my tracker‘ thing just did not fit into my everyday life.

These are the basics of my Bullet Journal for 2019. It will continue to grow over time, I will add things or delete them from my BuJo. But that’s the great thing about a Bullet Journal – this flexibility and versatility 🙂

Do you have setup your Bullet Journal for 2019 yet? Leave a comment below and help others with your ideas 🙂

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