Easy DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards

I wanted to create my first watercolor christmas cards this year. I bought this watercolor-set a while ago at Amazon, but didn’t had the time to use it yet.

I’m really new with watercolor painting, so I had doubts: is this going to work? So first of all I decided to do some research: how do others do that? It can not be that hard, can it? And, it’s fact! It’s really easy and you do not need anything except your old school watercolors and maybe watercolor paper!

After a quick online research I came across the blog post from The Creative Glow and her christmas cards are amazing! She shows you different christmas card designs and how to paint them within a few minutes. You can watch her YouTube video here: DIY Hand-painted Watercolor Christmas Cards – 5 Different Designs!

For my cards I used watercolor paper and cut it to A5 size. But of course you can choose any size you like. You can also buy ready-to-go blank watercolor-cards, they will be fine too.

I keep my ideas in an seperate ideas notebook. So, first I thought about which designs I would like to paint on my cards and sketched them in my ideas notebook. Then I already started: watercolors out, watercolor paper ready and let’s go! And what should I say?

Here they are: My first diy watercolor christmas cards:

I’m very proud of them, and I guess, I will start a second round of christmas card creation.

What do you think? Do you create watercolor cards?
Leave a comment below 🙂

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