How to decorate christmas tree ornaments

Dear christmas friends,

I decorated christmas tree balls myself for the first time this year and I am totally thrilled. I have prepared them as decoration for the christmas wreath, as individual christmas tree decorations and as a label for my christmas gifts.

I have summed up my ideas here and wish you much fun in copying:

Marble christmas balls


  • christmas balls
  • bowl
  • water
  • Nail polish
  • wooden sticks
  • kitchen paper

A nice idea is to marvel your christmas balls with nail polish.

To do this, you fill a bowl with water. Then you give the nail polish in the color of your choice on it. There is no limit to creativity here. Here you can mix different colors. If you use different colors, you can mix them with the wooden stick (depending on your preference), so that the „marble effect“ is created.

Then carefully dip the christmas tree ball into the water and remove the remaining color in the water with a paper towel before removing the ball. This will prevent the paint from sticking twice to the ornament.

Then let the paint dry well.

Letter christmas balls


  • christmas balls
  • edding in the color of your choice

You can also simply letter your christmas balls. For this you need pens, which are suitable for painting on glass and plastic. I bought some in the colors white, gold and silver.

Now you just start painting your ornaments.

Here are a few inspirations from me:

I have decorated afew christmas ornaments as a label for my christmas gifts.

Have you decorate christmas ornaments yet? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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