DIY Photo-Flipbook

I was looking for a personal, individual gift for the anniversary. At first I thought of a Lovestory photobook, but then I came up with the idea of the flipbook. The idea then became my next DIY project, which I would like to share with you now.


First you should think about which motif your flip book should show. I showed a personal message in my „short film“. But you can choose any motif you like.

It is best to take photos of a series shot or you cut out images from a short video section. For extracting the images from a video, there are programs to assist you. However, I recommend the „shooting“-function of your smartphone or camera for the pictures.

Once the idea for the motif has been determined, nothing stands in the way of taking the pictures.


For your flipbook you need the following materials:

Version 1:

  • 30-40 photos (Ihave chosen the format 9x13cm)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Sellotape
  • Washitape

Version 2:

  • 30-40 photos (Ihave chosen the format 9x13cm)
  • binding machine (thermal or spiral/ring)
  • binding cover


Version 1:

After you have printed your photos in the format you want, bring them in the right order (from top to bottom).

Tackle together your pictures on the left side and stick a strip of Sellotape around the left edge of the photos on the staples.

With washitape the sellotape and the staples are finally hidden, so that the flipbook makes a perfect impression.

Verison 2:

In the second version, the images are sticked together with a binding machine. You’ll have to crop your binding cover to the size of the images if it does not fit. Lay the images straight on a pile, really make sure they’re at each other’s edges, and put the pile in the binding cover. Then put the binding cover in the binding machine and the pictures are glued together with the cover as usual. You can use a spiral/ring binding machine as well.

When the whole thing cools down, you can put a nice piece of washitape around the cover.

If you do not have a binding machine, a copy shop nerby will surely help here as well.

Both versions of the flip book are fast and easy to make and really give a lot of joy when giving away.

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