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My way to the Bullet Journal

Who does not know: Countless post-its around on the desk and you do not remember what is done and what is not.
I’m a planning person, I have to take notes about the things I have to do. The only Problem: Sometimes the note is here, sometimes there … the chaos is perfect!
So the question is: how do I organize in my unorganized chaos?

The Discovery of the Bullet Journal System

In my desperate search for more order, I discovered the Bullet Journal system about a year ago. I was a bit confused at first: what the hell is a Bullet Journal?!
After some Google research I realized:
Bullet Journal: A notebook for tasks, appointments and lists of all kinds. All my post-its, appointments, ideas and lists in one place! Excellent! That’s exactly what I’m looking for!

Then the question: Does this really work? Let’s face it: Do you always carrying the notebook around with you? Always? Yes, you do it 🙂 In the beginning it takes some time to get used to not scribble everything on a post-it and to put it somewhere but to stick the note in the book or to slice it directly into the book.

Theory and Practice

Ok, got it. But how do I get started?
My short Google search for the keyword Bullet Journal brought a lot of great, super-creative motifs in the notebook to light. Already in my head, the alarm bells went off: Oh, now even make the notebook colorful, while I have so little time for my actual tasks. Although I like to be creative, it was clear to me that it would not work that way. I will not sit down every day and invest hours in the design of my task planning. So it happened that at the beginning I simply wrote all my notes in my notebook without a lot of bells and whistles. I’ve followed the basics of the Bullet Journal and designed a very simple weekly and monthly overview.

The system worked, but I was not satisfied – my notebook was a mess in the beginning. Somehow, I wanted to have such a nice book, in which my notes were beautifully prepred. It just makes me more fun flipping through.
I started by sticking my legend as a fold-out card in the back of my notebook. Then I started making my layouts more elaborate, decorated with washi tape and more colors. I was inspired by the many great ideas that circulate on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Gradually I got some „professional“ pens, I used some of the pens from my school days. They were perfectly ok for the beginning, but my claims got higher over time.
It started with the Pigma Micron fineliners. They’re waterproof and don’t smudge and write really great. Then I saw on other sites, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens should be really great for bullet journaling … Yes, they are, really! I have gradually bought a few washi tapes in different colors and patterns, which are available for little money in various Euro stores and now and again at Aldi / LIDL and co. For quick notes, I always have a few post-its in different sizes at the back of my notebook.

And the end of the story

In the beginning, I was quite skeptical of the whole system. I was not sure if I could do it with my notes and a notebook and really stick to it. But with a little discipline, it worked. You get used to it and it’s really fun.
Thus, the Bullet Journal has become a kind of hobby and today I make my notes, to-dos and lists more elaborate, depending on your mood 🙂

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One Comment

  • Nathalie

    I tried every was to get organized, and the bullet journal is indeed the best I found so far!
    Yet it took me some time to start because I felt I had to think very hard to find the definitive perfect way to start it, to make it pretty, to make it exactly what I need, etc…
    Then I just did it, and I adapt, and it’s okay!
    I admire what you did with yours 🙂

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