Bullet Journal

My Bullet Journal Routine

I’d like to show you today how I handle the Bullet Journal, what my routine looks like, and which pens I use for what purpose.

To begin with, I change my system relatively frequently. When I realize that the system no longer fits to me, then I change it! Just like that and in the middle, because the Bullet Journal is flexible and forgives mistakes.

Monthly Spread

At the beginning I still used the monthly spread. I have entered all my appointments and to-dos for the month and then included them in the weekly planning. I have to say honestly, meanwhile I do not use the monthly overview anymore. I manage all my appointments with my Google Calendar and then fill them in the weekly planning. That makes me personally more flexible.

Weekly Spread

I try to do my weekly schedule for the coming week every Sunday.
Then I sit down, think about a great layout for my Weekly Spread and … just do it.
I put my weekly spread on a double page of my Bullet Journal. I transfer apointments from the monthly spread into the weekly spread and copy unfinished tasks of the week / days into the new weekly overview.

Daily Planning

Every evening I transfer unfinished tasks to the next day. By doing so, I make sure that no task remains unsettled or goes down. In this way, I write down all the to-dos of the next day, so that I can then start working directly to process the list.

Lists, Lists, Lists…

I use many lists in my Bullet Journal. So I can quickly capture ideas without them being incoherently in my notebook. I have a list of books I would like to read (in the next step i want to record my reading progress in there), a list of birthday gifts, movies and series I would like to see and various packing lists for holidays.

So many pens, but which ones for what?

I’ve been using the wipe and water resistant Pigma Micron Fineliner, the Zebra Mildliner Soft Color and the Tombow Dual Brush Pens for a while now.

For my normal to-dos, notes and lists I use the Pigma Micron in the strength 02. For color highlights and calligraphy handwriting I’m using the Zebra Mildliner, Tombow Dual Brush Pens and normal wooden crayons. For headlines and important notes, I use the Pigma Micron in Strength 08.

Then I’m also in possession of various Washi tapes and adhesive rolls, bought in various Euro stores and Ikea. For quick notes, I stored a few post-its in different sizes in the back of my notebook.

I hope I could give you some insight into my daily Bullet Journal routine.

How do you use your Bullet Journal? I would be glad if you share your experiences and routines here in the comments.

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