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Get organized with a Bullet Journal

You have 1000 things to do and do not know how to do it all? Countless post-it notes on your desk and you do not remember what is done and what is not?
Do not despair! I’ll help you to get rid of your unorganized chaos in a simple and uncomplicated way – with a Bullet Journal.

The Bullet Journal System

When it comes to structured to-do lists, the Bullet Journal is currently on everyone’s lips. But: What is a Bullet Journal ?!
In short, the Bullet Journal is a notebook for all your tasks, appointments and lists of any kind. It should help you to make your everyday life more productive and to collect your ideas in one place (want to know more? Continue to read here). The good thing about it: The system adapts to your needs. You can make the Bullet Journal as it suits you. In the next step, I’ll show you how it works =)

Here we go…

All you need is a notebook and a pen. You can use what you have at hand, you do not have to buy anything special for the beginning. However, you shouldn’t miss a few standard pages in your Bullet Journal. These pages are the backbone of your journal and help you to structure your notes.


To quickly find your notes in your bullet journal, you should keep an index on your notebook’s first pages. The Index is a table of contents of your notes. Number your notebook pages consecutively (if they are not already) and write the page number with the title of the note in your table of contents.


It can help you to record your own character legend, the key. For example, mark tasks with a box, appointments with a circle, and notes with a dot. If necessary, you can extend the legend at any time.

Which symbols do you want to use for tasks, appointments and notes?

Monthly Spread

The monthly overview is a calendar of each month in which you can track all your appointments and tasks of the month. These are then transferred to the corresponding weekly or daily overviews.
For the monthly overview, use a double page in your Bullet Journal and draw a grid for the calendar. If you still have room on the page, you can mark an area for notes or the „Future Log“. The Future Log section is an area for all to-dos without a specific date.

Daily and Weekly Spread

The Daily and Weekly Spread is the spot for all your to-dos and Appointments of the week or day. Transfer your to-dos from your monthly spread to the weekly or daily spread. If you have uncompleted tasks, transfer it to the next day so you will not forget a task.

Habit Tracker, Lists and Doodles

Fill in your Bullet Journal with more lists and notes that are important to you and you do not want to forget. Such as a list of books that you would like to read, a gift list, or a packing list for your next vacation. And if you do not have enough, you can start decorating your Bullet Journal with washitapes, drawings and doodles.

And finally…

The best thing about the Bullet Journal System: You can always fit it to your needs. If you notice that your Bullet Journal does not suit you anymore, then change it! Do not stick to a system that can not fit with your everyday life. Slowly and gradually approach your Bullet Journal. Should you become a fan of it over time, take inspiration from social media channels like Pinterest or Instagram.

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