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8 Must-Have Bullet Journal Hacks

I’ve been using the Bullet Journal for about a year now and would like to share some tips and tricks that made life with the Bullet Journal easier.

I’ve tried a lot as far as my Bullet Journal is concerned and I’m always in the development phase, so to speak. My Bullet Journal must indulge in constant change, whether it likes it or not 🙂

Here are my Top 8 Bullet Journal Hacks, which you should not miss:

Color Code

Use a color code to better organize your notes and appointments. For example, you can sort your notes into the following categories:

  • Art / Doodles
  • Work / School
  • Projects
  • Lists
  • Personal / Private

To this end, it will be clear: it will turn out that certain topics can be grouped into one category (meaning you no longer use a category) or new categories are added.

Tip: Of course you can do all this with washi tapes – it looks great, too 🙂

Split Index

If you want to better organize your index, you can sort it by topic, e.g. a directory for planning and a directory for general notes. I like to use this structure, so the directory is not confusing long and you will find everything at a glance again.

Foldout Key

Especially at the beginning it can be helpful to have the legend at a glance. Then I recommend you stick your key as a fold-out card either in the front or back of your Bullet Journal, so you can write on your current page but still have your legend at hand without having to turn the page.

Pen Swatches

There are so many different notebooks and pens on the market, each pen looks different on different paper.

To see what your favorite pens look like in your Bullet Journal, reserve one or two pages at the back of your notebook for a color guide / Pen swatches of your favorite pens. So you also see if and how much the pens push through.

Tip: You can do the same with your washi tape collection. Stick your Washi Tape favorites in your Bullet Journal and see how they look.

Tag frequently used pages with washi tape

Mark your frequently used pages with washi tape. This replaces, for example, missing bookmarks on your notebook and looks fancy. You have instant access to your favorite sites. Use different patterns to see at a glance what’s behind this page.

Pen Loop

You want to have your favorite pen with you, but you do not have a pen loop at your notebook? No problem: you can clip your pen on top of the notebook or you can put the rubber band of the notebook across the cover. There you can clip your pens on it.

Sticky Notes

So you always have a handful of sticky notes handy, you can stick a selection of your favorite sticky notes in the back of your notebook. So you always have them with you and ready to hand.

Stick an envelope to your Bullet Journal

If you want to store small pieces of paper and memories in your notebook, you can stick an envelope in the back of your notebook. There you can store your little keepsakes without them lying loose in the notebook.

These are my 8 Bullet Journal Hacks. Which of those are you using and do you have further ideas?

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